Outdoor Security Camera 2K Pan Rotating 180° Wired WiFi Cameras,Night Vision, 2.4G WiFi, AI Motion Detection Outdoor Camera

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Wider Field of View: This camera for home security Pan 180° function extends your view angle up to 270°, 180° horizontal rotation covers more range you need to watch and reduces the blind spots.

Clear Night Vision: Our clear and crispy 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor can be clearly seen even at night, and you can accurately see everything happening at home and around it, Visible night vision distance up to 32ft, which is more secure.

Two-Way Talk: Our WIFi security cameras only support 2.4G WiFi(not support 5G) to greet and talk to visitors with loud two-way audio, which can be shared with multiple family members, your family only needs to download the “cloudEdge” application to watch surveillance videos in real-time.

Motion Detection: When motion is detected, DEKCO will send an alert to your mobile phone in time, and you can manually adjust the sensitivity and range of monitoring.

NOTE: Our HD Wi-Fi camera needs to be plugged into an outlet to receive power ( AC power adapter include in, you need to configure a socket around the camera)and has an IP65 waterproof rating, It can work normally in any bad weather.

87 reviews for Outdoor Security Camera 2K Pan Rotating 180° Wired WiFi Cameras,Night Vision, 2.4G WiFi, AI Motion Detection Outdoor Camera

  1. Raphael Lin (verified owner)

    Overall pleased with product, Just wish it came with the ray power. also have to buy a kit to display outside, but operates in 2.4 hertz, picture is good, and nice you can operate intercom and light from anywhere…I think this is is a good choice just starting out to see the mailman and ups guy, and make sure the neighbors not taking packages… dont foget to get an sd card as well

  2. Joseph White (verified owner)

    I have installed a couple of other security cameras before and i will tell you that this one is a very easy install & setup , The instructions were clear and easy to follow and the app is very good . The spotlight is very bright and the siren is very loud and the microphone is very sensitive . The floodlight comes on as soon as motion is detected , You can adjust the settings as to how bright you want it . The image quality is very clear at both daytime & night and you can zoom in very close to the subject . I love that it is powered it will be great not to worry about batteries !

  3. Charlotte Wilson (verified owner)

    The camera function is flawless. I just wish the battery would last longer; it says charge every six months but not if its in a high traffic area. I had to charge it once already and it’s only been 24 days since install.

  4. Avery Lee (verified owner)

    Over all, it’s easy to set up and install. As well, the video quality is not bad for the money.

  5. Dean long (verified owner)

    The product arrived on time with no damage. Installation and setup was a breeze. Professional quality camera and I’m very pleased with the purchase!

  6. Harper Walker (verified owner)

    These little guys are amacing. I use one as a baby monitor and I placed the other one in the living room and due to its wide vision I can see everything at once. You won’t disappointed

  7. Henry Brooks (verified owner)

    Needed a camera for a section of property that was always used a a dump. This camera has excellent day and night vision, crystal clear. The QHD video is unbelievable. Wifi connection is perfect.

  8. Luna Mitchell (verified owner)

    I have YI tech cameras and bought these to supplement them. I am not impressed and would stay with the YO cameras. These work, but the online movements are jagged and can take 5-10 tries to get the camera pointed correctly.

  9. Leah Watson (verified owner)

    I like this camera. It has two way audio and a spot light. The night vision is very clear.

  10. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Motion detection is good and picks up people walking day and night, not many false detections

  11. Aaron (verified owner)

    I’ve used many of their cameras in the past and this one is by far the best. The spotlight feature is SO bright. I hooked it up across from my back door and don’t even need to use a spotlight now. As soon as it detects motion, the light turns on. You can manually adjust the brightness and the time it stays on too which is great. It has the siren feature which is loud but I don’t typically use that – just good to know you can. The microphone picks up people talking nearby and the camera view is wide so it sees a bit more than most cameras. Overall, this is definitely my favorite camera and I love that it provides a statistics section now so you can see functionality. Great upgrades and camera for the price!

  12. Gary Shafer (verified owner)

    Recently my dad has been in a nursing home and we were afraid with no one around his house that there might be a break in. This brand wireless security camera is like having a security guard without the paycheck. This camera is ready to go 10 minutes out of the box and no you do not need a subscription, I mounted mine on a 2×4 and was able to hold in by tension so I can easily remove it to charge it back up this way seems easier for me and no holes to screw in to the side of the house. This wireless camera has very good night vision and alerts you on your phone when the motion detection is set off and I live 25 miles away. The motion detection can be adjusted to your likeness either high low or in between. It has a light that you can also turn on in the free App download and a siren feature to scare unwanted visitors away. I would suggest buying the memory card I haven’t yet and sometimes my video freezes up which is the reason for deducting a star Im not sure if it’s the camera or WiFi. The build of this does not feel cheap at all has a nice weight to it and comes with everything you need to get going right out of the box. There is the USB cord for charging and it is already loaded with rechargeable batteries and I will say this holds a very long charge. I would recommend this wireless security camera the price point is perfect and there’s no monthly fees and it will protect your property and love ones.

  13. Andrew Nelson (verified owner)

    I have few different Camera for my house but so far this the best because of easy installation also the app is easy to use, love the night vision it is bright light and my neighbors usually walk around with dogs so I can easily set up motion detection, quality of pictures definitely is 5 stars, fast shipping too

  14. Amara Reeves (verified owner)

    Was disappointed I could not get these to connect to my network,Emailed customer, support they confirmed it will likely not work for my EERO3 mesh network device.

  15. Zoe Fisher (verified owner)

    Takes nice quality video and photos. And you can also watch live feed from app on your phone. Easy to set up. Will be purchasing more. Thanks

  16. Edward (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  17. Jeilin Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Excellent picture quality.. day/night. Notifications are accurate. Easy to install and the app is simple to operate. Worth every dollar.

  18. Finlay (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure what to expect but my expectations were exceeded! It’s so nice being able to check in on my cats when I’m at work. I get alerted right away and being able to have 2 way communication is awesome. I will be purchasing a second set soon. If you’re on the fence, I’d say to buy them. I’ve never left a review on amazon before so that’s saying something!

  19. Samantha Parker (verified owner)

    We have a 13 yr old lab who has trouble getting around and a cocker spaniel who has had seizures. This camera helps to keep us aware of what is going on at home and detects if there is any movement in the area in case something goes wrong. I do with that it had the ability to send verbal messages but overall we are happy with cameras.

  20. Isla Underwood (verified owner)

    Impressed by the quality craftsmanship.

  21. Emily (verified owner)

    So far this is amazing! I love the water resistance and the quality of it

  22. Nora Simmons (verified owner)

    User-friendly app makes it easy to monitor my house from anywhere.

  23. Frank M. (verified owner)

    I now check the app before purchasing a camera. This camera might be great but the app was so intrusive with its permission requests that I sent it back.

  24. Mia Martinez (verified owner)

    This camera was ordered to replace a similar camera that was damaged. The new model is much improved over the original. It has many features, such as flood lighting, that make the picture clearer, with brighter colors.The service representative who contacted me in response to my inquiry, could not be more helpful and professional. I bought another camera, for another location, following our interaction.

  25. Hazel Reed (verified owner)

    My only issue is the henge you mount the camera with, as well as the entire mounting mechanism itself, it just kind feels like something they forgot to engineer a little smoother. It isn’t difficult to mess with, just very under engineered. That aside that camera functions very well, as well as the microphone and speaker on the camera. Its nice to be able to listen and speak to who is outside my door without letting them inside. It has an emergency alarm, but its honestly kind of laughable, it sounds like a toy police car and is pretty quiet. Maybe it’ll freak out an intruder, I have been fortunate enough to not actually have to use it in that way, but a nice feature to have.

  26. LukeL (verified owner)

    Smooth and seamless operation.

  27. Violeta Quinn (verified owner)

    The camera’s compact size makes it easy to position discreetly.

  28. Lacey Reese (verified owner)

    Purchased the PTZ 2K cameras then i got this one to complete the set on my property. Will buy more. Video quality is fairly good. For its price it’s a very good security camera

  29. Gavin Gonzalez (verified owner)

     I recommend this camera! Nice floodlight and good picture quality at nighttime. Please see my video review! Thanks!!

  30. Levi Cox (verified owner)

    Stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection. No buffering or lagging issues.

  31. Evan Brooks (verified owner)

    Great camera! Love the light feature

  32. Isaiah Hayes (verified owner)

    Impressive cloud storage options for recording and accessing footage.

  33. Stephanie McKinley (verified owner)

    My cameras are not sending notifications or recording at night. I made sure that motion detection was on. sleep scheduling is off, and night vision is on. I had a possum in my chicken coop and I did not get an alert about the animal or me chasing it out

  34. Aubree Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great value for the price. Highly satisfied.

  35. Paisley Hughes (verified owner)

    Sturdy camera with easy install and great for night security. Great find

  36. Poppy Patrick (verified owner)

    Perfect for if you need to monitor anywhere in your house you just screw it in to a wall or post but charge it and turn it on first then when you need to charge it just unscrews from the wall mount

  37. HQ (verified owner)

    Just received and installed it myself. Very easy to install and set up. Able to control everything from my phone. Crystal clear pictures. Love it and will be getting more for my property.. Highly recommend!!

  38. Cynthia Porter (verified owner)

    Works well. Night vision is good. Installation and app are easy to navigate. Be sure to get an SD card if you don’t want to use cloud storage

  39. Alejandro Walton (verified owner)

    It seems really well built, and has lots of nice features. Customer support is proactive and excellent.

  40. Albert Parson  (verified owner)

    It took me a minute to get the cameras to set up to my wifi and phone, but installation was easy. I realized I needed one more camera for my property to help keep an eye on my pups, so I just ordered another one. My property is fully covered front, sides and back with 3 cameras. Which also covers my driveway, so I can watch my vehicles and camper as well, if someone decides to break in, or vandalize anything.

  41. Trevor Hansen (verified owner)

    Even in what I thought was low sunlight the power for the camera was still great. I got further away from the wifi hub and still got a great picture and notifications.

  42. Lily Morris (verified owner)

     These cameras are the best for your money it has cloud storage and micro sd storage in it. The QHD on both video and pictures is awesome in comparison to arlo security cameras. At night it has a bright light that comes on when movement is detected and can program to sound an alarm when you are away to scare anyone away, or you can use it as a two way speaker to communicate with whoever is there. You can set recording times and sensitivity to your likings. It’s got so many features it’s just too hard to pass up for the money. You won’t regret buying this camera!

  43. Lina (verified owner)

    I wanted an outdoor battery-powered camera that I could use to face my backyard with motion detection and recording to an SD card. Unfortunately, this security camera doesn’t work for my needs. Why? First, the manual/user guide is limited. On the camera, the area to enter the SD card and the controls are tiny. You will need a tool to manipulate them, and it was easy to confuse the reset and power buttons. It took many tries to pair the camera to my WIFI and smartphone. And then the mobile app is not intuitive and there is no guide I could find for the app.

    Once I located the area to place the camera, the app said the location was good. The video looked good but there was an obnoxious feedback screech on the audio. I suspect interference from somewhere in the vicinity. Shortly thereafter the WIFI would drop, come back, and drop intermittently. The final drawback is the depth needed for motion detection. I went through all of the settings but could not trigger motion recording of people passing by.

    Be mindful of the range required for motion detection if that is one of your goals.

  44. Julian Rivera (verified owner)

    The wide angle view makes it easy to watch the property clearly both during day or night visions. This camera is ideal for keeping your home’s exterior under surveillance 24/7. When the camera detects motion events it lights up the property with bright LEDs (the amount of intensity is controllable) and records (SD/QHD) footage.

  45. Samuel Wright (verified owner)

    Arrive on time . Perfect pkg. easy and friendly set up and instructions are smooth.picture are perfect. Easy install guide I am giving 5 star due it is best product with material sturdy and excellent picture . I might buy 2 more to secure my back yard

  46. Miguel Ángel Leyva Herrera (verified owner)

    Great product “when” it connects but my camera is maybe 15 feet from the router and the signal strength is horrible and only connects half the time.

  47. Patrick (verified owner)

    I feel more secure knowing I can check in on my home whenever I want.

  48. Violet Hayes (verified owner)

    I followed the directions and it set up easily. The audio is great in both directions and the video is too. I’m very pleased and want to get one more and an outdoor one as well. I wanted it so I can check my dogs when I’m at work just need to see if it will follow the pets like it does people not sure if it will yet. No worries I can position it to see them anyway and turn off the motion.

  49. Brooklyn Long (verified owner)

    This wire-free battery powered camera is well manufactured and has very good real-time video quality. The floodlight is surprisingly bright for such a small camera.

  50. Sophia Taylor (verified owner)

    The camera’s wide dynamic range captures clear footage in varying lighting conditions.

  51. Elizabeth Bell (verified owner)

    Good motion detection and alerts. It keeps me informed of any activity.

  52. Jackson Adams (verified owner)

    The camera is weatherproof, making it suitable for outdoor use.

  53. Caleb Price (verified owner)

    This product is very easy out of the box, setup was a breeze. I own several different security cameras and this one is one of the easiest to setup. The app is very responsive and works great. Picture quality is good and so is the night vision. It’s very affordable

  54. Layla Cook (verified owner)

     I have this companies camera’s all around my house and love them all, but I think this one is my favorite. The battery lasts a long time and the picture quality is great! I love how you can adjust the floodlight brightness also. 10/10 would recommend.

  55. Ally023 (verified owner)

    This product delivers what it promises.

  56. Randy (verified owner)

    I bought this to place in my animal pen so I could keep an eye on them at night. I was amazed at the quality of the picture. In fact I showed it to a friend of mine that installs security cameras and he was very impressed with the quality of the picture

  57. Ruth Moran (verified owner)

    Well-packaged and arrived in good condition.

  58. Emmy Banks (verified owner)

    I will try to update this review at a later time as I haven’t had much experience yet with this security camera due to a situation where I am having to move so I didn’t get the use out of it that I’d like at this point, but for now: It’s actually a pretty decent quality camera for the price. The picture is clear enough a lot of the time. I think you will need a memory card if you want to be able to record what the camera picks up outside of the remote viewing

  59. Preston (verified owner)

    Good quality for the price, easy to install, the best customer service since for one of the cameras, I was not able to install, reached out to customer care and they were just the best, they resolved my problem. highly recommend!

  60. Dilan Dean (verified owner)

    Reliable connection and stable performance. No lag or dropouts.

  61. Nicholas Stewart (verified owner)

    Looks amazing and very good quality! Was very easy to install.

  62. Gabriel Butler (verified owner)

    The camera’s adjustable angles allow me to capture the desired view.

  63. Ellie Thompson (verified owner)

    The camera’s live view feature allows me to monitor my indoor space in real-time.

  64. Nora Foster (verified owner)

    Effortless integration with other smart home devices for a seamless experience.

  65. Ángela Zuniga (verified owner)

    Nifty camera to keep our place nice and secure.

  66. Grace (verified owner)

    It’s small compact size.

  67. Penelope Evans (verified owner)

    Good value for the price. Performs flawlessly.

  68. Maya Long (verified owner)

    Was easy to set up works and looks good and easy to use

  69. Stella Hall (verified owner)

    The mobile app’s interface is intuitive and offers convenient access to camera settings.

  70. David Cooper (verified owner)

    This camera feels durable and was easy to install. Took less then 5 minutes and was ready to go. Down loaded the app paired camera with phone and was ready to go. Picture quality is sufficient through out the day and night. I would recommend this product.

  71. Isabella Martinez (verified owner)

    I bought this product one month ago and I just set it up in my new house. But one of the cameras doesn’t work.

  72. Wyatt Torres (verified owner)

    Functional and reliable.

  73. Zoey Fisher (verified owner)


  74. Sofia (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about the quality of this camera and it’s ease of use.. This is definitely a must have.. will be buying more

  75. James Smith (verified owner)

    The battery life on this in a low traffic area is great. It was easy to install, hasn’t missed an event yet and the night vision and security light work great. I have noticed having an SD card works better than paying for the cloud as far as performance and loading motion events. It also takes longer than I’d like to load the live view but it’s roughly 10-15 seconds at worst even with a strong wifi connection.

  76. Ari Manning (verified owner)

    Hard to beat for the money. There is a siren that is not very loud but enough to scare away animals or an intruder aware of the camera’s existence. Also, it has a useful flood light that can be set to come on automatically with an alert. The microphone is also pretty sensitive to sound. These features can additionally be controlled manually via the app. The app also has an intercom feature that can help communicate with people outside if you are inside. The app has many other good features, such as detection sensitivity and the ability to monitor via a schedule.

  77. Aaron Butler (verified owner)

    Amazing camera. Easy to setup. Highly recommend.

  78. Sofia King (verified owner)

    The camera’s motion tracking feature ensures that no movement goes unnoticed.

  79. Grayson Coleman (verified owner)

    I have several cameras and this one exceeded my expectations. Really well constructed, the finish is really nice and the camera feels heavy and well built. Once connected the image is really good, the flood light more powerful that I thought it will be and the digital zoom is amazing. I love the new version of the app and the camara interface. Extremely happy with this purchase.

  80. Josephine Gardner (verified owner)

    I fiddled with this thing for hours trying to get it to connect to my WiFi network, following all instructions carefully, sitting close to my router, and double-checking passwords. No luck.

  81. Lucas (verified owner)

    The features on this camera is good with high resolution, especially you can turn the night light on and off and activate the siren on the camera when you see intrusion into your property. Unfortunately the viewing angle is only about 110 deg. I bought 3 other brands of camera installed around my property, they all have wide angle view of 170 deg. If you buy this camera, you will need to install in a place at an angle where it will cover enough area for surveillance.

  82. Dominic Collins (verified owner)

    This camera is easy to set up if you follow the instructions. Down load the app and follow the prompts. Motion detection works fine and picture quality is great! The camera does not move but the picture covers a wide area.Voice and alarm are a plus when needed! One suggestion would be that the on off and reset buttons should be clearly marked and easier to press.

  83. Zoey Patterson (verified owner)

    It has a great little camera, but the battery life only last 6 to 7 days and you have to keep getting up and down on the ladder …..so not good for a person up in their years!

  84. Maverick Ruiz  (verified owner)

    Great customer service. They were helpful in resolving any concerns or questions I had.

  85. Raphael (verified owner)

    Responsive customer support. They promptly addressed my inquiries.

  86. Brooklyn Hill (verified owner)

    So far the batteries only last a few days before needing a charge, and that’s having the cameras recording the minimum. I will most likely be returning them.

  87. Ella (verified owner)

    I love that I can control where I can control where I am seeing with the camera and that I can talk to persons from my camera. I feel much more peace and security.

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